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Champa's 2nd Album - Tiger 
Digital 31st October
CD 7th November 2014

'TIGER' is the second album from psychedelic artist CHAMPA released via Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings. After his debut album 'MY SON' was released in 2013 to much critical acclaim CHAMPA has travelled globally with his fullon and uplifting psychedelic sounds. He has collaborated with such artists as Ital, Krunch, Mechanimal and Lisa Lashes as well as charting regularly on Beatport with his solo tracks and EP's on globally renowned labels. 'TIGER' represents a far more mature production approach and takes the listener on a journey through progressive beats to fully charged acid lines layered with trademark vocal samples and unrelenting bass lines. It also introduces the audience to a host of new production talent and collaborative efforts.

Track List:

1. - Champa vs Mechanimal - Imagine
2. - Champa - A Train Trip
3. - Champa - Stay
4. - Champa vs Profound - See The Colours
5. - Cybernaut - Califrae (Champa Remix) 
6. - Champa - Noa
7. - Champa vs Etcetera - Shrooms
8. - Champa vs Mentalogic - My Order
9. - Champa vs Sati - This Is Why I'm Hot
1. - Imagine

This progressive track made with producer Mechanimal leads the way on TIGER. An instant DJ friendly intro gives way to a hard kick and fullon beat driven tune. Beautifully sculpted melodies cross trance genre borders making this initial step into the album universally appealing. Welcome to the jungle.

2. - A Train Trip

This tune utilises wind instruments and pipes to give it an otherworldly sound. As the title suggests A Train Trip looks out of the window of a speeding vehicle and glances at an almost South American vista with its exotic sounds firmly nestled amongst a forest of psy noises.


3. - Stay

This Zen-Ix fuelled symbolic number takes a groovey twist as 'TIGER' gets fully into its stride. A change of pace gives us a groove and demonstrates CHAMPA's ability to read a dance floor and give the audience a funkier hook to move with. It builds to a mid-track crescendo that drops to a number of interlaced sounds that psy grinders will enjoy.

4. - See Colours

Champa teams up with balearic producer Profound for this stellar track. Profound is known for his soaring uplifting melodies and this synergy with CHAMPA gives us a driving drum track with catchy hooks. The breakdown has epic chords and a vocal sample which then delivers a show stealing verse line. This collaboration was a long term effort and well worth the wait.

5. - Califrae: CHAMPA is on remix duties on this legendary Cybernaut track originally made in 1999. This song appeared at pioneering Goa Trance club 'Escape From Samsara'. Having been in CHAMPA's sub-conscience for the best party of 15 years this labour of love has been updated with plenty of emotion. The dreamy epic main chorus, refreshed for a contemporary audience, gives new life to Califrae.
6. - Noa: This solo track brings our journey to a fully paced 140bpm. An intensely darker and minimal affair this tune feels like it was born from the London underground party scene. The track fizzes along with an underlying piano line and a middle-eastern hypnotic female vocal. The effect of more strings gives us an ethnic flavour and the vision of a desert landscape.
7. - Shrooms: Always one to spot raw talent CHAMPA harnesses some unique melodies from new artist Etcetera, who debuts here on Shrooms. An uplifting trance number with an almost hallucinogenic quality with its use of spoken samples. Leaping across trance boundaries this has commercially acceptable groove. A triumphant and memorable chord sequence is at its very core.
8. - My Order: Brazilian duo Mentalogic bring the noise with a fullon and tougher composition. This fiery paced number is sparse with effects and high on inspirational speeches. The journey of 'TIGER' brings us to this penultimate effort that bares its teeth in a fully charged manner.
9. - This is Why I'm Hot: Inspired by Djane Sati this peak tune ends our journey with a reverberating explosion of sound. Forged from the fires of many vast DJ sets it shows a deep understanding of the psychedelic dance floor. The dark and tough main chord and bass sequence demands attention and has a spine rippling and memorable melody. The siren bell rings in the breakdown sequence and peels away into a grandiose climax leaving a perfect album finale.