Yellow Sunshine Explosion is pleased to announce 

The Debut Album from Psychedelic Live Act Champa

Champa – 'My Son’

(Y.S.E. Recordings) 
Champa's Debut Album On CD & Digital Out Now 

UK born DJ and producer Prozak aka Champa has been a firm fixture on the underground dance scene for nearly 20 years. After wowing the crowds with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has been honing his production skills and stands on the precipice of greatness within the international psychedelic community. 

The genesis of his album comes from his global psychedelic DJ experiences. The inception for the sounds of 'My Son’ began here – but the epitomic moment would come from becoming a father and his support from longstanding partner and Queen of psychedelic DJ SatiInspiration in the family and from the heart - translated to the studio. 

Champa produces the kind music that needs to be played loud and danced too with smile upon your face. His live performance is of a high intensity and uplifting vibe. Combine an uplifting attitude with groovy bass lines, funky percussive rhythms and a relentless driving melody and we have serious psychedelic fit for a pan-global audience. 
Some of the tracks have soaring memorable vocals and there is also punctuated humour in some of the samples  
- Champa has had to dive deep into his record archive to create the 'My Son’ unique sound.

Champa has already released a number of singles on Yellow Sunshine Explosion including ‘Overtones’, 'Visions of Goa', 'The Secret' and the most applauded ‘Jungle Boogie’,  so the synergy between artist and label is a proven formula that works. 

Champa’s first album release My Son is a full on trance experience with
driving percussive beats; breakdowns that are laced with humour and politics; soaring melodies and stabbing bass lines. Champa has a deep understanding of dance floors worldwide and My Son reflects this 
– each track is DJ user friendly, each groove geared to lovers of true psychedelic 
- making this album truly sublime and one for record boxes and clubs everywhere. 



 Track by Track Summary:

1) BRO – The album starts explosively with this opening track and sets the tone for the album’s relentless nature. The breakdown is a comical vocal sample which is a dialogue between a hypothetical producer and promoter. It reflects many negative interactions that DJ’s and producers often face. Verging on a political statement, BRO doesn’t veer too far from its core, with it’s bass heavy verses at breakneck speed.

2) HERB – Taking it down a touch with some dub infused psy beats. Crossing over from the deep and progressive end of the spectrum this track represents a more chilled but darker edge. Plenty of acid 303 lines and the whole track completed by an effective sample from none other than Bob Marley, this track is designed to sit back and take a toke.

3) SLEEPING PEOPLE (Champa vs Spinal Fusion) - The first collaboration on the album sees Champa produce this track from fellow artist Spinal Fusion of India. It gives the album a new dynamic with lots of twisted fills and breaks, rises and falls. Another great vocal sample from the legendary Jimi Hendrix. This track sparks into life after the breakdown and sits perfectly for early dance floors

4) GO TO SLEEP - In reality the track title accompanies the album title and again refers to Champa’s own recent fatherhood. Listening to it however will probably keep you up all night. The verse is quite sparse with effects and minimal. Vocals from the movie actor Samuel L Jackson. It builds nicely to a climax and soaring riffs and emerges from its slumber to give us a highly charged and effective track. Finding the groove and building on it is the key element in this track with lifts it high into the night.

5) NEW STARS ARE BORN - Bright spacious sounds of the cosmos in this track with a slightly cute vocal sample which gives Orbital’s seminal ‘White Fluffy Clouds’ a run for its money. The acid lines reach numerous peaks and troughs and cements Champa’s keen ear for the cross-genre trance sound.

6) BINGO JINGO - Has already been successfully released on Yellow Explosion Records and appeared in the Goa X Volume 13 Golden Summer Edition Album. This track made the world sit up and notice Champa and ensure his impending global success. It typifies the Champa sound, with lots of breaks and fills, a melodic chorus and comic vocal lick. This purports to be a modern psychedelic classic.

7) THE MESSIAH - This track takes a darker epic deeper line. The effects and sounds take a more subtle route through a typically energised dance groove. It is punctuated by a sample from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’, and if that doesn’t peak interest then the highly charged pace will.

8) LIKE ME (Champa vs Cosmic Vibration) – With a break-beat build to start the track and rhythmic bass line. The track twists slowly into action. A rattle snare punctuates the bass groove a minute or so into the track taking it up another notch. The breakdown has a breathy voice pronouncing “you are just a freak like me” and the overall effect of this Champa and Cosmic Vibration collaboration is a triumphant but twisted psychedelic track.

9) HELLO HELLO (Champa vs Saga) Champa, on this track, works with one of the finest producers of our time - Saga (aka Mechanimal). HELLO HELLO is as close to a techno crossover track there is. Following a simple bass line it builds into a harder edged number interlaced with ethnic vocals to counterbalance what is otherwise an electronic manufactured monster that was forged in the fires of an industrial furnace. A masterpiece of memorable magnitude. This will grace any record box and is created by two true artists.